Getting the Virtualize licence issue if we would have the enough licences while virtualizing the ser

swapna0707swapna0707 Posts: 41

Hi Team,

We are having enough licences but still we are getting the error message as The number of licensed hits per day has been reached. Use a license with a higher limit, or wait until tomorrow when the per day limit has been reset to process additional requests.

Attached the screenshot for the same.

Kindly take a look and help me on this.



  • Ireneusz SzmigielIreneusz Szmigiel Posts: 150 ✭✭

    Hi swapna0707

    with "Professional Desktop Edition" license type you don't have activated feature which allows you to use your Virtualize Server ( in other words: when you selected your license type, License Server send response that default number of hits is not available
    I suggest to select Custom Edition and select features which are available for your organization i.e: Developers Sandbox or 25000 Hits/Day or 10000 Hits/Day or 100000 Hits/Day or 1 Million Hits/Day or Unlimited Hits/Day.

    Ireneusz Szmigiel

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