Parasoft support for VS 2017

sathishsathish Posts: 4


Please find the below plugins we are using for our projects for VS 2013. We want to use for VS 2017 IDE. Is the support available?

• For the C# plugin use: parasoft_dottest_10.1.1.exe
• For the C++ plugin use: parasoft_cpptest_10.1.1_linux_x86_64.tar.gz



  • mrybakmrybak Posts: 5

    Support for VS 2017 was introduced in 10.3.3 version of both tools. You'd have to upgrade to dotTEST 10.3.3 and C++Test Engine 10.3.3 to be able to use those tools in VS 2017. C++Test Desktop is not supporting VS 2017 yet, but it's planned to be introduced soon.

  • The dotTEST and C/C++test plugins for static analysis (i.e. that come with the Engine installer) support VS2017. Full C/C++test Desktop (i.e. for Unit Testing) will be supporting VS2017 in 10.3.4 (due early Q1 2018)

  • sathishsathish Posts: 4

    Thanks mrybak and Mark.

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