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If I have two endpoints that are the same , First endpoint I do a "get". the second one I do a "post". The data returned is different for the two. How do I do this using one proxy? I am thinking of using a responder that filters off of a URL url/get or url/post. What do I put in the request of the reponder that whichever payload returned based off of filter? thx


  • keegan_chankeegan_chan Posts: 59 ✭✭

    You can add two responders to the same pva file, and use the Responder correlation on HTTP methods to specify which responder would respond to which method.

  • reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 145

    But what do I put in the "Response" tab? I want to return the data from the API? For now the responder is a straight passthru. thx

  • keegan_chankeegan_chan Posts: 59 ✭✭

    You can use the Message Forward tool to forward the request to the endpoint. Please see the help documentation for details.

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