Virtualize - Unable to get response for GET method with query string in URL

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Confession : I'm new to parasoft/virtualize.

Question: Trying to virtualize Rest API, without correlation URL path, responding well via endpoint URL but ones add path including query string , it doesn't respond.

In console it shows expected URL but under actual it shows path it doesn't show query string(starting with "?").

[criteria=MATCHES, expected=/XX/profile?xx=SS&customerID=506701923, actual=/XX/profile, results=false]

Ones I make it work, need to perameterize customerID values in query string as well as response by adding csv file.

Thanks in advance.

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  • aparachaaparacha Posts: 10

    Thanks Keegan,

    I have already tried it and seems like working but still working on it. My intention/thought was to paramterize request URL/query string value , not sure if its possible or not.

    Thank you for support.

  • VirtualUserVirtualUser Posts: 11

    hi, yes. If you would like to parameterize on query string value, as Keegan said above, please try adding "Parameter Name/ Value" pairs to the URL Parameters correlation.

  • aparachaaparacha Posts: 10

    Yes, thats what I did but for this API I need 10-15 responders, how about there is 400-500 user load with unique values ?


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