Problem to create the virtual asset of superheroe

The atachment is the pva, that is me test, but can´t finish sucessfull, the steps follow the url:

My version Virtualize is

Please help me



  • keegan_chankeegan_chan Posts: 59 ✭✭

    Please elaborate what doesn't work for you. Thanks.

  • VirtualUserVirtualUser Posts: 11

    hi, it seems like your second responder (respuesta) will not be called since the first responder will match first and it will handle the request. You may want to try changing the order of your responders to 1. respuesta 2. PagePrincipal so that your responder with a URL parameter/path correlation attempts to match first.

  • naranjohecnaranjohec Posts: 5

    VirtualUser, Excelent !!!!

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