Is there a way to connect and validate Redis data from SOA Test?

schettadaschettada Posts: 1

I have some applications that write to a Redis storage. Is there a way i can connect to Redis via SOA test to validate/view the data in it?


  • OmarROmarR Posts: 229 admin

    You could could potentially use a JDBC driver for Redis to interact with SOAtest's DB Tool. There are a few JDBC drivers available for Redis that you can try, but none have been officially tested.

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    My understanding of Redis is limited. I understand it is a type of NoSQL database. However, I do know that SOAtest has no built-in tool that is specialized for Redis. I also don't see one available on the Parasoft Marketplace. However, you do have some options:

    • Some NoSQL databases have JDBC drivers so that you can interact with them from Java and SQL, using SOAtest's built-in DB Tool in this context. Perhaps you can try searching online for JDBC driver for Redis. However, as a caution, third party or opensource JDBC drivers can be buggy or don't implement JDBC specification correctly, in some cases causing SOAtest to freeze or crash or run out of memory. However, if you find one that works then you can use SOAtest's DB Tool!

    • You can connect to Redis from an Extension Tool. In this case, you have to write the code yourself to communicate to Redis.

    • You could create your own Custom Tool for SOAtest that can connect to Redis. Similar to using an Extension Tool, you would still have to write code.

    • Another alternative is to use SOAtest External Tool to run an external script or command line tool that knows how to communicate with Redis to execute the desired database queries.

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