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lukeliwanaglukeliwanag Posts: 36

Hi, I would like to extract some values from a JSON payload using JSON Databank. I was able to use a sample request and was able to extract Xpath with no errors. However when i send a request from SOA the same template used for JSON Databank i am getting an error.

Error message from Virtualize:
Test Name: 1. CreateDocument
Source: Convert JSON to XML
Message: Invalid JSON

below is the sample request i am sending. I am trying to extract "Signer1" under "signers"

    "signers" : [{
            "id" : "Signer1",
            "firstName" : "John",
            "lastName" : "Smith",
            "email" : "[email protected]"
        }, {
            "id" : "client1",
            "firstName" : "Client",
            "lastName" : "Smith",
            "email" : "[email protected]"
    "documents" : [{
            "id" : "HealthForm",
            "name" : "Health Form",
            "index" : "1",
"reviewOnly" : "false"
        }, {
            "id" : "docB",
            "name" : "Document B",
            "index" : "2",
            "reviewOnly" : "true",
    "authenticationTokenRequest" : {
        "signerId" : "Signer1"


  • lukeliwanaglukeliwanag Posts: 36

    Please note we're using 9.10.1

  • keegan_chankeegan_chan Posts: 59 ✭✭

    Please use Traffic Viewer in SOAtest to make sure the request is what you expect. Also on Virtualize, make sure the JSON Data Bank on the responder is attached to Incoming Request.

  • OmarROmarR Posts: 229 admin

    Hey Luke,

    What does your Responder currently look like? As @keegan_chan stated, please ensure that your databank is chained as the output for Incoming Request Payload.

  • lukeliwanaglukeliwanag Posts: 36

    Hi @OmarR and @keegan_chan yes it is similar.

    I went and double checked with our devs and it seems that the req sample they've provided is incorrect. The corrected one solved my issue.

    Thanks for both your response

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