Error during parsing file

fatihmfatihm Posts: 2

com.parasoft.xtest.standards.api.cpp.CppCodingStandardsFileChecker$CppCodingStandardsFailedException: Coding Standards checker: error during parsing file.
at com.parasoft.xtest.standards.api.cpp.CppCodingStandardsFileChecker.runRules(
at com.parasoft.xtest.standards.runnable.AbstractCodingStandardsProjectChecker.parallelProcessFile(
at com.parasoft.xtest.standards.runnable.AbstractCodingStandardsProjectChecker$

How can I fix this problem?


  • Billy McMullinBilly McMullin Posts: 62 admin

    Please contact Parasoft support with more information about this behavior as it is to vague to tell what is going on. Please provide the version of the tool, the operating system you are testing on, and any other information about this behavior (screen shots, logs, etc....)

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