Cannot See Insure++ in VS as Non-Admin

For users who wish to install Insure++ as Administrator, and users (without administrator rights) to use Insure++, Please follow steps carefully to register Insure++ into Visual Studio:

  1. Install Insure++
  2. Start Visual Studio
  3. Load one of the example projects in the Insure++ installation directory (Editor_Demo)
  4. Instrument and Run the example project
  5. Exit the example project
  6. Close Visual Studio
  7. Log on as the User and run the application call insfixreg.exe from the command prompt. This should be located in the Insure++ installation directory.

This will allow all Users to see the Insure++ toolbar as well be able to instrument their projects.

There are times that the above method won't allow users to see the Insure++ toolbar. The reason is not because of Insure++, but may depend on how the machine's path is setup.

insfixreg.exe utilizes the Microsoft program called "regsvr32.exe". If the Microsoft Windows Operating System you are using is a 64-bit platform then "regsvr32.exe maybe installed on a couple of locations.

Keep in mind that Visual Studio is a 32-bit application, so we need to be able to run the 32-bit version of regsvr32.exe.

From the command prompt, type

where regsvr32

This will echo to the terminal where the application is residing. Keep in mind that it is echo the first instance it comes across that is in your PATH. You may have one of the following string echo to the terminal:

C:\Windows\System32 (This is the 64-bit version of the application)
C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (This is the 32-bit version of the application)

You need to execute the 32-bit version of this application by performing the following sets at the command prompt

cd \Windows\SysWOW64
regsvr32.exe -i:10.0 -n InsureVC7AddIn.dll (Where "10.0" is the version of Visual Studio you are using.  VS2010 = 10.0, VS2008 = 9.0, and VS2005 = 8.0)

Start Visual Studio and the tool bar should be there.


  • RichRich Posts: 8

    The above may no longer apply to Insure++ version 7.4.10 and above, due to the fact that an entirely new plugin was created.

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