How can I run my test suite faster

saberhsaberh Posts: 7

I have validate the application after Deployment. We have 6 test pointing to 66 servers. Total Test 6X66 = 396 took 45 minutes with Concurrently option. We need to make it faster. After deployment, usually it runs slow on very first time, but is there any way to make it faster? Using SOA 9.7


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 664 admin

    Your best bet is probably to set up multiple test runs on different machines. You could set up the tests so that each run can parameterize which servers are being tested.

    I can't promise any speed improvements since I don't understand your exact scenario, but there have been a lot of improvements to the product since 9.7 so you may want to consider upgrading to 9.10. :smile:

  • saberhsaberh Posts: 7

    Thanks Jakublak. I am updating first and let's see the outcome.

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