Exporting DB Tool Table Traffic Results

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Is there a way to export the traffic results from the Table view when running the DB Tool? This is exactly what I want to export into .csv but when I use the Write File, I get the Literal View and not the table view.

I also looked at http://forums.parasoft.com/index.php?showt...hl=writetoexcel but I only got 1 row instead of 103.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




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    Hi Sarah,

    This can be done by chaining a few tools to your DB tool.
    1. Chain the XML Converter to "Results as XML"
    2. Set XML converter Format to CSV
    3. Set Conversion direction to "From XML to native"
    4. Chain a write file tool to the XML converter.

    The output will be the table you are looking for. I have attached an example of this using SOAtest 9.9

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