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Javaw.exe does not release from memory

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After closing SOAtest, "javaw.exe" still exist in the processlist of Windows consuming 200 upto 500 MB memory. Restarting SOAtest will start another "javaw.exe" process. The scripts running with this new started SOAtest, have an unpredictable results. After killing all "javaw.exe" processes and restarting SOAtest, SOAtest does run 'normally' again.


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    Good morning,

    This behavior has been seen before, and was resolved by reinstalling SOAtest. In every other client's setup, javaw.exe does indeed exit and release memory upon closing SOAtest. If a fresh reinstall does not work, please let me know what system you are running (OS version, memory size, etc).

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    Additionally, it is important to find the route cause as to why the process is still there. Typically this is caused by a test that has not finished or a script that is in a loop. These can be identified by looking into the Technical support Archive and identifying the last test case that executed.

    The javaw process can be killed by using taskkill on the command line

    taskkill /f /im javaw.exe
    taskkill /pid 9764