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Automating test execution / report generation

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I am looking the following solution using SOAtest
1.. Automating test execution / report generation
A> I am using nightly batch process which executes all my test cases and will generate report.

B> I am looking for an option to generate an email which includes the test results files (html)- can you please let me know is this possible using parasoft SOATest 9.0 ?

2.. Compare current results with previous results- soa test generates html report which will display executed test cases with pass /fail status. I am looking for option which compare previous test results and current test results including request and response(based on that QA will determine differencebetween current results and previous results)

appreciate all your help


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    The soatestcli has command-line invocations including -localsettings option. Local settings provide email capability. See page 261 of the 9.2 SOAtestUserGuide.pdf file. The reporting is returned as both html and xml. I'm not aware of built-in report capability to compare results, however, if your tests are always in the same format, oyu could use something like Beyon Compare or winmerge to compare the resulting XML reports.