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Is it possible to read the response from a Queue and put the message to an FTP source.
Is there any jar file that could help me achive this

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Aadith,

    This can be possible using a combination of the Write File Tool and the FTP Client. Once you have the response from a Queue(using the Call Back Tool or SOAP/Messaging Client), you can store this message as a File using the Write File Tool. Once, the file is written, you can configure the FTP Client to put the newly created file. Here are the steps I would take to do so:

    1) Add a Write File tool to the test grabbing the message from the Queue by right-click -> Add Output -> Response -> Write File.
    2) Configure the name of the file and the directory where the file should be created.
    3) Create a new FTP Client and configure the FTP settings. For the 'Local Folder' field, set it to the directory where the file was created from step #2
    4) For the commands, use 'put' and for the argument, use the name of the file from step #2

    Here's how this would be setup:

    Test Suite
    -SOAP/Messaging Client
    +Write File
    -FTP Client

    Please let me know how this works for you.

    Best Regards,
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    Thanks a lot for the steps...They are wrkin fine...
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