How to start scripting in SOAtest tool...

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I want to learn how to use scripting in SOATest tool. Please share how to start scripting in SOATest tool(say Python). Detailed info/docs/links would be appreciated.

- Gopal


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    Hi Gopal,

    You can checkout how to use scripting in SOAtest from our User Guide. In SOAtest, go to the menu Help -> Help Contents. From the Table of Contents, navigate to Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide -> Reference -> Available Tools -> Other Tools -> Extension(Custom Scripting). This page will provide you with the basics you need to begin scripting. Let me know if you need additional information.

    Best Regards,
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    Hi Dwight

    Thanks much for the info. It really helps. Will get back to u if any questions.

    - Gopal
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