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Could Not create JMS IntialContext Instance


I am trying to monitor the JMS send and Receive messages in SOAtest 6.2 using Java Message Service option available in SOAtest. I am using ORACLE WEBLOGIC SERVER 10gR3.
But When I am given the server details in SOAtest click on next it is showing error pop up saying

"Could not create JMS IntialContext Instance: "

Please find my Oracle BEA WebLogic Settings in SOAtest 6.2 (Please Refer to attachment )

Under Connection Frame

URL: t3://localhost:7001
Username: Proper Username Given
Password : Proper Password Given

Under Monitoring Source Frame

Initial Context : weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory
Connection Factory : weblogic.examples.jms.QueueConnectionFactory
Destination Name : weblogic.examples.jms.exampleQueue
Destination Type : Queue
Message Selector : ( Kept empty )

But I have started the server and I can able to send and receive the messages in console.[indent][/indent]


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    Verify that you have correct Jars added to SOAtest System Properties. For Oracle BEA WebLogic required Jar files, please check out SOAtest User's Guide -> Testing through Different Protocols -< Using JMS -> "Oracle BEA WebLogic" section. There are different type of Jars depending on whether you are using Thin Client or Full Client.
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    Thank you dude, ya I have added now required jar files so it got working.
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    I am facing same issue while setting proxy for JMS recording in Parasoft virtualize. Please share jar files if anyone have it.

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    There are legal considerations with sharing/distributing such jars. Parasoft can't distribute these. However, Parasoft does provide instructions in the SOAtest and Virtualize User's Guides under "Reference > JMS Provider Configuration> Oracle BEA WebLogic".

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    Thank you for the worked
    Now facing issue as deployment failed: Deployment has timed out
    I am trying to set and record JMS service on local host. Please suggest solution.

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