Importing JTest Rules

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Alternate way of importing rule config
Is there a way to put the rules in a shared folder, rather than having each user add them to their workspace?


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    I'm not clear on whether you want to import individual rules or rather configurations. Either way, you should be able to import both through the Jtest configuration dialog. If you want an easy way to share the rules/configurations among a team, you can upload them to TCM, and other team members can test with these uploaded rules/configurations.
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    We're trying to share configurations, not individual rules, and we don't have TCM. Is there another way?
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    No, unfortunately. If you don't have TCM and want to share a configuration, you will have to import it on each machine.
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    So, does it have to be imported from the workspace? can it be imported from a shared folder?
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    Configurations can be imported from a properties file located anywhere on the filesystem. In Jtest 8.0, if you right-click on "User-defined" in the configuration dialog and choose Import, Jtest will prompt you to browse to the desired properties file. (The properties file is just an exported configuration.)

    For example, if you exported your configuration to a shared folder (C:\shared\, someone else could point to that shared folder on the network and import the same configuration from the .properties file.
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