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I am trying to use jtestcli with a config that use team like this:

D:\Jtest7.5>jtestcli -config "team://My Team Code Rules" -nobuild -showdetails -report "D:\Jtest7.5\reports\report.xml" -data "D:\code\src"
jtestcli: Version 7.5.43 -- Copyright © 2003-2005 Parasoft Corporation
jtestcli: Bad configuration URL: team://My Team Code Rules
Writing report in: D:\Jtest7.5\reports\report.xml

My problem is that it wont accept the team config URL, but when I open the GUI I can see my team config and also use it. The team login server is also set in the GUI as well.

I tried this with "builtin://Default configuration" and it works fine.

Thanks for help.


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    Are you sure you have TCM set up correctly in the GUI and that you are specifying the right configuration name?

    If so, you can try using the -localsettings option to specify a text file with the TCM settings for jtestcli. There is more information on how to do this in the Help Contents, under Jtest User's Guide > Tasks > Using the command line interface > Running command line interface (batch mode) tests. The section regarding localsettings is about halfway down the page, and the TCM settings are about three quarters the way down.
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    Yes that was it. I added the localsettings property file and all is good. Thanks.
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