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Creating Responder Suites via REST API

jefftuckerbofa Posts: 163

I am trying to create a nesting of Response Suites using the REST API. I can successfully create the first suite using the call. However when I try a subsequent call to create a suite within the newly created suite it fails. It does not seem to recognize the new parent id.

Can you post an example of creating a nested set of responder suites? I am thinking this would just be back to back calls to, making sure to use the parent id of the first one in the second.




  • jefftuckerbofa
    jefftuckerbofa Posts: 163

    Disregard. I solved this a couple mins after posting it. My solution was to simply read in the parent id from the first response and use that in the second request.


  • williammccusker
    williammccusker Posts: 622 ✭✭✭

    Glad you were able to find a solution! :)