Summary of violations by rule && resource group

ducster81ducster81 Posts: 3
in DTP

On the DTP dashboard there is a widget to view 1) violations by rule and 2) violations by resource group. Is there a way to combine these filters and view violations by rule && resource group? I am aware this can be achieved in the Violations Explorer, but that will give me a comprehensive list of all matching violations. However, I am looking for a summary view (i.e. total count of violations by rule and resource group).



  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 27 ✭✭

    No, I don't think DTP has a built-in widget or a report that would show such a view.

  • ducster81ducster81 Posts: 3

    It appears the issue was that my project filter had enabled multiple resource groups. By reducing the filter to a single resource group I was able to achieve the desired results.

  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 27 ✭✭


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