Limiting scope of test reports to subset of files

bwluncefordbwlunceford Posts: 2

We have a project that requires unit testing of only a subset of files in the source tree. I know how to pass a specific list of resources to cpptestcli using the -resource parameter. There is also a method to filter files in the test configuration.
What I'd like to do is keep track of coverage results of only the files that are being tested and not all files in the entire project.

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  • bwluncefordbwlunceford Posts: 2
    edited June 2020

    After follow that path, the "Add Resource Groups" pop-up shows an empty list. I must be missing a step. Perhaps I need to configure or tag something in the C++test project to provide resources to that list?

    Edit: I found how to add resource groups. Edit the DTP project. There is a Resource Groups section to create as needed.

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