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goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 120

For the proxy setups in parasoft, is there a integration with kubernetes at all?

In a dev environment, we use a lot of localhost connections through Kubernetes/Bastion/Olympus. Is it possible to setup these local host connection port forwards, in a PVA and use them in CTP jobs as well?

Sample Kubernetes call to port forward:
kubectl --kubeconfig=<> port-forward <> 8889:8080

Or would it be better to install kubectl locally and use an external tool item to call the port forward function as above? This would be restricted to a single test running as once the port is open, it


  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 518 ✭✭✭

    I am not sure I am understanding your use case. Are you wanting to configure a PVA with a forward tool that is set to a local port that is actually being forwarded by Kubernetes?

  • goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 120

    Sorry, this should be a soatest question, not virtualize

  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 518 ✭✭✭

    I see, yes you did mention test. Are you wanting the test client to be configured with the local port that kubernetes has been configured to forward? Would the test be running from inside kubternetes or from an external host?

  • goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 120

    The test would be ran from SoaTest, through the proxied url, like "https://localhost:8889/<>/<>/v#/<&gt;"

    The issue is that the proxy has to be opened first, and the test has to use that proxy for requests

  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 518 ✭✭✭

    I am not very familiar with Kubernetes but I thought its port forwarding was similar to docker where the port forwarding doesn't require the client to configure a proxy.

    From some reading of the Kubernetes documentation seems to suggest that the port forward is similar and I didn't see any mention of clients needing to configure a proxy.

    Perhaps you could contact [email protected] if you are having issues and someone could assist you.

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