How to Parameterize a URL

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I am trying to find the preferred way to parameterize / correlate values in a URL

The type of URL's I am dealing with are in this format:{ParamName}/

How do I store the values for ParamName ** and be able to hit it when the user provides a url like:
12234**/ with **12234 **being the ParamName's value?

Is this through URL Parameters or URL Path?


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    For correlations if you don't care what the values are then using the wild card, "*" in the path segment on the deployment path, for example /base/1234 would be /base/* in the deployment settings.

    To store values from path segments take a look at the "REST URL Data Bank"

    Hope this helps!

  • VirtEyesVirtEyes Posts: 62

    Thank you for your response.
    The wildcard "*" did not work, so we are trying the REST URL Data Bank.

    Will let yall know how it works out..

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