Populating Responder payloads with ALL possible enumerations

goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 89
edited September 2019 in Virtualize

When populating a responder payload, is it possible to populate x number of instances, for a particular portion (array) within the dataset, to include all possible enumerations or is this a manual process?

Say an address response allows all 50 states, along with other basic address info like street name and city. is it possible to automatically (some option flag or such) that will populate a payload, but also include 50 different rows of data for each state enumeration?

Currently I have to go through a response of over 30 different arrays, and manually enter additional rows for each array that contains enumerations. I tried setting the number of sequence of array items to the max value, but then I end up with x number of everything rather than just those values that are enumerated


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