Proxy Listen Ports - Which ones are open by default?

GambitGambit Posts: 15

I have a situation wherein I would like to deploy a virtualize proxy at http://{virtualize_host}/, or in other words, at root. If I don't deploy the proxy at route it will require a code change and we are trying to avoid that if possible.

My question is: What virtualize ports are available by default? I have found that I can change this by adding a new listener, but the field is freeform and I'm not sure what port numbers are valid...


  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 392 ✭✭

    Any ports in the range of 1 to approximately 65k, are valid. What ports might already be in use depends on the machine the server is running on. Virtualize by default will use ports 9080,9443,9617 and 9618.
    If you use a port that is already in use when you enable the proxy it will give you an error saying it couldn't bind to the port.

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