/soavirt/api/v5/testExecutions - Example Request Payload

Can you share an example rest payload for /soavirt/api/v5/testExecutions


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    The API docs provide examples. For example:

    • Visit http://{soatest_host}:9080/soavirt/api/v5
    • Under "testExecutions", click the link for "/v5/testExecutions"
    • Click the link "Model Schema" to see an example payload based on the schema.

    Here's a simple example:

        "config":"soatest.builtin://Demo Configuration"
      "scopeOptions": {
        "workspace": {
          "resources": [

    The various properties available in the JSON request object mirror the command line options for soatestcli. For example, the above would be similar to running
    soatestcli -config "soatest.builtin://Demo Configuration" -resource "TestAssets/myTestSuite.tst"

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    Thank you!

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