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We purchased parasoft c++test, jtest and dtp. But they are installed a specific machine. Our lisence ia not floating. But we use jenkins with maven nar projects. We want to integrate parasoft c++test to maven and jenkins. We use your documents which are related Jenkins Parasoft integration. When we run maven nar projects in jenkins parasoft is not generated report. Related screen shot is added to this discussion.


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    The problem screen shot added

  • Bogdan CzwartkowskiBogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 141 admin

    Hi @fatmanur61 ,

    From the screenshot it looks there are no reports for Parasoft Findings plugin to process. So most likely the reports were not created, so the mani question now is whether Maven run C++test at all.

    Would you be able to provide information how C++test was plugged into the process?

    For now, specifically, I would need to know:

    • how C++test was integrated with the Maven NAR project setup,
    • is it using BDF files or any other method of capturing build information,
    • can you see in Maven logs that C++test was executed at all and C++test tests were executed?
  • Bogdan CzwartkowskiBogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 141 admin

    I had a brief look at Maven NAR and for now, I'd suggest to create / manage test project in C++test Professional Desktop, and then run cpptestcli on the project to get reports. Such cpptestcli can be part of regular Jenkins build step if needed, and then Jenkins Parasoft findings plugin would pick the reports and display results.

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    Hi Bogdan,

    1) Example Maven NAR Project is located this url There is not C++Test maven integration because we looked maven repository and we did not find C++Test plugin. We found just JTest plugin. Do you have any information about this issue? And I want to ask one question. If we don't have Maven C++Test integration but we have C++Test and Jenkins integration. Can we run our test with this situation (with just Jenkins integration)?

    2) No we did not use BDF file.

    Thanks for your answers Bogdan :) Maybe we can do one remote session :) I will look and examine yor answers and I will contact you again

    Have a nice day

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