The current displayed page contains invalid values

zrlwzrlw Posts: 2

Our company has purchased Jtest 9.6 and are used to using Jtest 9.6 after trying Jtest 10.4 under Eclipse 4.7+ IDE. But we can't set parasoft parameter under Eclipse 4.7+, it always pop up 'The current displayed page contains invalid values.' whenever
clicking the options of parasoft. We found the reason is that org.eclipse.jface.util.ListenerList() was removed starting with Eclipse 4.7, com.parasoft.xtest.common.eclipse.ui.ParasoftUIPreferenceStore should use ' new org.eclipse.core.runtime.ListenerList(1)' instead of 'new org.eclipse.jface.util.ListenerList()' ..
I'd like to know if your company has any plans to patch Jtest 9 for this problem, thanks.

Version: Jtest 9.6
IDE: Eclipse 4.7.1a


  • kbhandarikbhandari Posts: 30 admin

    Unfortunately there are no plans to patch Jtest 9. I highly recommend you move to Jtest 10.4.1.

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