Is it possible to ignore compilation flags that block (try-catch)

elchelch Posts: 95


C++Test 10.4.1. IAR compiler.
Is it possible to ignore compilation flag that ignores blocking try-catch flag.
Is it possible to writes rules that ignore such blocking try-catch flag.



  • Hi @elch,

    Would you be able to provide some code examples of cases that you would like to be checked by static analysis and what would be the desired outcome of such rules?

  • elchelch Posts: 95

    Hi @Bogdan Czwartkowski

    On an IAR solution under windows we are running static analysis.
    On IAR compilation flag it ignores blocking try catch. Parasoft raised on missing try-catch error , Should Parasoft ignore try-catch block as compilation flag.
    Is there a workaround ?


  • Hi @elch,
    I see you are already in contact with our Support Team regarding this topic. Working with Support Team is a better route in this case, as we need some additional details about your project setup.

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