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rvmsengrvmseng Posts: 89
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Dear Parasoft Team,

I cannot see static analysis report in DTP, please check following images.
I run jtest and it publish report on DTP, but I can not see.

Note: I use DTP 5.3.3 and I login with "admin" user


  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 26 ✭✭

    Can you add Diagnostics -> Data Collector Diagnostics widget to the dashboard? Can you attach the screenshot of the widget? Let's see if we can debug this quickly.
    If we cannot, I would suggest contacting support.

  • rvmsengrvmseng Posts: 89
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    Please find it as below:

    And you can find a sample file in attachment.

  • rvmsengrvmseng Posts: 89
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    Why are all rows in processing status?
    who is responsible for processing? Data Collector or DTP?

    please assist me.

  • JanuszJanusz Posts: 16

    Data Collector is responsible for processing the received report files.
    The files are in processing state - i.e. there have not been inserted into DB yet.
    Please see the following log file to see possible reason of this state: logs/dc_dtp.log - this is Data Collector log file.
    In case you need more detailed log file analysis, please contact Parasoft Support.

  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 26 ✭✭

    Please contact Parasoft Support. It does not look like Data Collector is processing the reports.

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