SOATest-How to loop the test cases

I have a request with no of fields to be parameterized. One of the field, needs to get data from Data generator tool with some format that I configured as Step1. In step2, Remaining fields need to be parameterized with data from Excel as well as data from Data generator tool(step1).

Actual: When I run step1 and step2 together, its taking one generated value from step1 and running with all the values from Excel.
Expected: How can I go to step1 to get next set of data generator value after I ran 1 row of excel data?

I just want to loop step1 and step2?



  • Thomas MooreThomas Moore Posts: 78 admin

    Hi Jyothikilaru,

    When you are running your tests, what is the format of the structure of these steps?

    Normally, SOAtest will loop these steps as you would expect, but if you have step 2 in a sub-folder, then depending on how your test is set up, it will either loop on just step 2 or loop through both step 1 and 2.

    To loop through both steps 1 and 2, open up the Test Suite/Scenario folder that contains both steps,

    and go to the Execution Options > Test Execution tab within. Here, select the option "Tests run all sub-groups as part of this group" and you should be able to loop the values you want.

    Hope this helps!

  • i have one datasource and 3 test suites(2,3,4) under one test suite1. I have set the test relationship as "Tests run all sub-gruops as part of this group" for test suite1. I have 3 rows in the datasource. In the loop test suites 3 and 4 looping correctly but test suite 2 run only one time. I need some help

  • Thomas MooreThomas Moore Posts: 78 admin

    Hi Subbulakshmi,

    In order to best answer the question, I will need a little bit more information. Do you want the scenario to run through all 3 sub test suites before looping or looping inside of each of the three test suites?

    Depending on the behavior you're looking for, the settings may be different from the solution provided above :)

  • SubbulakshmiSubbulakshmi Posts: 2
    edited December 2018

    Thank you so much. I would like to run three suites for each row (inside the loop). And we have Set-Up Tests(Set Variables) in suite2 also. If i remove that Set-up Test, it works fine. Can you please help me

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