.bdf file creation.

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how to create bdf file in parasoft c/c++ test 10.4.
i am not able to understand also i refer the user guide.
so anyone please help me on the same with example.

i had run the following command but i am getting error.

[[email protected] src]$ cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceOutputFile=/home/princekumar/Parasoft/cpptest/10.4/workspace/t/common.bdf make clean all
bash: cpptesttrace: command not found...



  • princeprince Posts: 11

    please some one help .
    it's a urgent

  • MirekMirek Posts: 134 ✭✭✭

    Hi prince,

    Based on the output you are getting, it seems that your shell cannot find the cpptesttrace executable, you need to do one of two things:

    1. invoke cpptesttrace using full path, for example:

    [[email protected] src]$/usr/local/parasoft/cpptest/10.4/cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceOutputFile=/home/princekumar/Parasoft/cpptest/10.4/workspace/t/common.bdf make clean all

    1. Add C/C++test instalation directory to your PATH env. variable and then call the cpptesttrace using just the executable name name, for example:

    [[email protected] src]$export PATH=/usr/local/parasoft/cpptest/10.4:$PATH
    [[email protected] src]$cpptest/10.4/cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceOutputFile=/home/princekumar/Parasoft/cpptest/10.4/workspace/t/common.bdf make clean all

    In my examples I've used /usr/local/parasoft/cpptest/10.4 as the install location, you need to substitute it with the path corresponding to your installation location.

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    Hi mirek,
    now i am getting make error.

    [[email protected] /]$ /opt/parasoft/cpptest/10.4/cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceOutputFile=/home/princekumar/Parasoft/cpptest/10.4/workspace/test/common.bdf make clean all
    make: *** No rule to make target `clean'. Stop.

    where i'm doing a mistake .
    please help.

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    sir help

  • mzwawamzwawa Posts: 19

    Hi prince,

    how do you invoke your build process? Is it a simple 'make'? There is a possibility that the clean target doesn't exist. Please try to run:
    [[email protected] /]$ /opt/parasoft/cpptest/10.4/cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceOutputFile=/home/princekumar/Parasoft/cpptest/10.4/workspace/test/common.bdf make
    However, you will need to make sure that you are running a full (re)build of the project.

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    Hi @mzwawa ,
    i did the same but still i am getting this problem.

    /opt/parasoft/cpptest/10.4/cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceOutputFile=/home/princekumar/Parasoft/cpptest/10.4/workspace/test/common.bdf make
    make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

  • @prince,
    It looks like your project build is not configured.

    You need to find out how your project should be built. You need to know what "make" command line is needed. And if make is used at all with your project...
    Make sure you can run full build of your project first without C++test. To have a project that builds successfully and a working build environment is prerequisite for any activities with C++test.
    Once you know how to build, you can apply C++test on top of it.

    The problem you have right now is that Makefile that describes how to build your project is not present. Again, is your project built with make?

    Please describe how you build your project normally, which exact compiler is used , and other build details.

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    Thanks for support.
    Now bdf file has been generated.
    Thanks all.. :)

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