How to attach a file in UI using SOAtest record and playback?

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I am able to attach a file manually in UI and also during recording a script there is no issues in attaching a file. But when I am trying to play back the SOAtest script, it is not allowing to attach a file. I tried it in Chrome browser and getting message. Parasoft does not support file upload?

ParaBank/Playback2.tst - Test Suite: Test Suite/Test Suite: Web Scenarios/Scenario: Error Validation 2/Scenario: Form: wizardForm/Test 2: Type "C:\Users\Test File.txt"
(Chrome 67.0) Unable to perform user action: File inputs are not currently supported in Chrome


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    Parasoft does not support file upload?

    I think you already have the answer:
    "Unable to perform user action: File inputs are not currently supported in Chrome"

    However, I want to say that even if something is not supported out-of-box, just about anything is possible via scripting or the external tools. In this case, I know others have generally solved this by running an AutoIT script from the External tool.

    You can also try searching the forum for "AutoIT" in case this helps give you more information.

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    If possible, please configure your scenario to play back using the "Selenium WebDriver" engine. You can do this by:
    1. Double-click the scenario that contains your tests
    2. Click the "Browser Playback Options" tab
    3. Under "Playback Engine" choose "Selenium WebDriver"
    4. Re-save your scenario and play back

    You are seeing this error because you are trying to use the "Parasoft native driver (legacy)" engine to play back a scenario in Chrome that uses a file input, which is not supported. The Selenium WebDriver engine does support file inputs in Chrome.

    If you cannot use the Selenium WebDriver engine, then please follow benken_parasoft's suggestion of using AutoIT and an Extension Tool to automate the step of typing into the file input.

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