How to run LoadTest from command prompt?

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how to run load tests from cmd prompt?

I am trying to run the Load tests from the command line.

(a) created load_script.txt file under the installed directory of SOA Test 4.1 (ie, C:\Program Files\Parasoft\SOA Test\4.1)
( project file (testing.tst) is located at D:\Testing_IIDK-WS\WSDL-Demo folder
© I would like to create the report file (loadtesting.rpt) at D:\Testing_IIDK-WS\WSDL-Demo\Load_Testing_Results

From the command line, I try using the below command, and it fails with the below errors:

C:\Program Files\Parasoft\SOA Test\4.1>st.exe -cmd -run load_script.txt

Bad args to open: "D:\Testing_IIDK-WS\WSDL-Demo\testing.tst" loadtest -minutes 3
-report "D:\Testing_IIDK-WS\WSDL-Demo\Load_Testing_Results\loadtesting.rpt" -ht
ml "D:\Testing_IIDK-WS\WSDL-Demo\Load_Testing_Results" "Steady Load"

I also tried using double backslash (\\) in the load_script.txt file , like -> open "D:\\Testing_IIDK-WS\\WSDL-Demo\\testing.tst" loadtest -minutes 3 -report "D:\\Testing_IIDK-WS\\WSDL-Demo\\Load_Testing_Results\\loadtesting.rpt" -html "D:\\Testing_IIDK-WS\\WSDL-Demo\\Load_Testing_Results" "Steady Load"

but this also fails with the same errors as above.

Can you please help?



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    Hello bmcuser,

    I believe the error you are getting is caused by the formatting you are using in load_script.txt

    Most likely you have your command all on one line. You need to have something like the following:
    open c:\temp\email.tst
    loadtest -report c:\temp\loadtesting.rpt -html c:\temp\Load_Testing_Results "Steady Load"
    The first line specifies the SOAtest project file you are opening, and the second line specifies what you will be doing with the opened file.

    Hope this helps.
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