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How do I use Jtest Configurations with jtestcli?

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edited December 2016 in Jtest
Typically, jtestcli invocations follow this pattern:
  • Windows: jtestcli.exe -data %WORKSPACE_DIR% -resource resource_to_test | property_file -config %CONFIG_URL% -report %REPORT_FILE%
  • UNIX: jtestcli -data %WORKSPACE_DIR% -resource resource_to_test | property_file -config %CONFIG_URL% -report %REPORT_FILE%
    -config %CONFIG_URL% specifies that you want to run the Jtest Configuration available at %CONFIG_URL% .

    %CONFIG_URL% is interpreted as a URL, the name of a Jtest Configuration, or the path to a local file.

    • By filename:
      -config ""
    • By URL:
      -config ""
    • Builtin configurations:
      -config "builtin://Default Configuration"
      -config "Default Configuration"
    • User-defined configurations:
      -config "user://My First Configuration"
    • Team configurations:
      -config "team://Team Configuration"
      -config "team://"