What coding standard rules does Jtest check?

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Jtest has a total of 700+ development rules developed by Java gurus such as Sun Microsystems, Scott Ambler, and Joshua Bloch, plus rules from popular open source coding standards tools (CheckStyle, PMD, FindBugs, etc.). To help users determine which rules to comply with, rules are categorized by topic (for instance, security, optimization, initialization, garbage collection, JDBC, EJB, servlets, JSP, Hibernate, JDK 1.5, duplicate code, and so on) as well as ranked by severity. Moreover, to help users focus their resources on the most serious coding problems, Jtest includes preconfigured test scenarios for checking a core set of approximately 50 critical Java development rules proven to make immediate and significant improvement to code reliability, functionality, security, and performance.

Additionally, Jtest can check any number of custom rules-- for instance, rules that prevent application-specific problems or check organization-specific coding conventions. Jtest provides a simple way to create new user-defined rules and customize existing rules. With Jtest, user-defined rules can be created graphically (by creating a flow-chart-like representation of the rule) or automatically (by providing code that demonstrates a sample rule violation) with the RuleWizard module, then checked automatically during coding standard analysis. Out-of-the-box rules can be customized by editing a rule in RuleWizard or modifying rule parameters in dialog boxes.
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