Does Jtest generate standard JUnit test cases?

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Yes, Jtest automatically generates standard JUnit test cases and allows you to extend/modify these test cases in the standard JUnit manner, with real Java code. Additionally, it gives you the option of adding more test cases graphically (using a graphical object editor and a graphical test case editor with data source and range value support).

Jtest can run and report coverage information for any valid JUnit test class-- including automatically-generated JUnit test cases and JUnit test cases you have created independently of Jtest. The benefits of running JUnit test cases in Jtest are:
- Jtest monitors test coverage
- Jtest uses these test cases for automated regression testing
- Jtest can detect memory leaks that occur while running these test cases

Moreover, if you have legacy JUnit test cases and you run a test that generates test cases, Jtest will attempt to create new test cases and add them to your existing JUnit tests.
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