Does Jtest work with Ant?

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Yes. The Jtest command line interface (jtestcli) works with Ant to help Jtest users further standardize and streamline the testing process. By extending Ant using sample or custom Jtest build files, you can integrate Jtest testing into an automated compilation/build process. Because Ant is so extensible, it can assimilate Jtest command line interface processes into its build cycle as seamlessly as it includes built-in Ant processes (such as file transfers, compilations, etc.).

Integrating Jtest with Ant is simple: modify sample build and task files provided with Jtest, or use these files as models when creating your own. For a sample Ant build file that runs jtestcli, see build.xml in the Jtest Example project. Ant-style documentation for the Jtest task is available in the Reference section of the Jtest User's Guide.
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