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C/C++test 2024.1 Product Release Announcement

rcamacho Posts: 10

We‘re excited to announce the launch of C/C++test 2024.1, featuring an array of product improvements. Organizations need to stay current with the persistent changes in the latest security coding guidelines, so Parasoft made updates in support of static analysis for:

  • CWE Top 25 + On the Cusp 2023
  • OWASP API Security Top 10 2023
  • DISA ASD STIG 2022-09

In support of static analysis, code coverage instrumentation, and modern versions of C++, C/C++test 2024.1 integrates with the latest EDG C/C++ parser.

Here are the enhancements we made:

  • Improved MISRA C++ 2023 rule accuracy.
  • Code coverage configuration options allow for more relaxed or strict approaches to coverage reporting for branching points in “do {} and while()” programming idioms.
  • Support for the latest 2021-09/4.21 - 2024-03/4.31 edition of the Eclipse IDE.
  • The Professional Standalone edition of C/C++test is now pre-packaged with 2024-03/4.31.

In addition to these great enhancements, we expanded our collection of supported compilers:

  • IAR ARM 9.4 and 9.5
  • HighTec for ARM 8.1
  • HighTec for TriCore 4.9
  • QNX GCC 8 with extended support level

For more information see the release notes: