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SOAtest, Virtualize, CTP 2024.1 Product Release Announcement

jakubiak Posts: 804 admin
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We're excited to announce the newest version of Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, and CTP, focused on enhancing your software quality practices with leading-edge innovative test automation solutions. This release introduces enhancements to our optional OpenAI and Azure OpenAI integration for API test generation, enhanced workflows for microservices code coverage collection and analysis, new reporting capabilities to streamline remediation of web accessibility issues, and new capabilities to help identify broken parameterizations in Virtualize. With these updates, Parasoft continues to drive innovation and renews our commitments to meet our customer needs in test automation. Continue reading below for more release highlights or check out the complete release notes.

What’s New?

Enhancements to Parasoft SOAtest’s API Test Scenarios Creation With Generative AI

In the 2024.1 release of Parasoft SOAtest, users can now generate intelligent test cases that automatically capture the data flow through the test scenario with auto-parameterization. This enhancement of our optional OpenAI/Azure OpenAI integration enables less technical testers to easily and rapidly generate complex test cases that validate the business logic of how data should flow from one test step to another.

Support for Advanced Microservices Code Coverage Workflows

Parasoft has enhanced its CTP code coverage collection and analysis capabilities for Java and .NET microservices by enabling the collection of code coverage metrics from parallel multiple test executions in the same test environment. Teams can now easily correlate test cases with the specific lines of code they cover, even when multiple team members are simultaneously executing test cases in the same environment, helping them to identify with test impact analysis the appropriate test cases to run when a downstream microservice changes.

Enhanced Precision in Test Impact Analysis

Parasoft has enhanced its test impact analysis capabilities to calculate impacted tests more precisely while identifying a smaller subset of them that sufficiently test the changes you have made to your application under test. This enhancement is across all Parasoft products that offer test impact analysis.

New Reporting for SOAtest Accessibility Testing and WCAG Violations

SOAtest 2024.1 now supports the latest version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2. With this release, we have also introduced new reporting on WCAG issues that maps them to the guidelines and shows findings by severity classification to help streamline the remediation process.

Additional Updates

Parasoft has also added the following support and capabilities:

  • Support for copying individual data sets with options to merge, overwrite, update, or replace existing data.
  • New capabilities to find broken parameterizations in Virtualize.
  • Support for chaining tools to a message responder’s pre-correlation incoming request.
  • The Asynchronous Socket Transport and Listener now support UDP.
  • Event and Statistics monitoring can now be done over WebSockets.
  • User access logs can now be enabled for your server, which is required in banking environments.

Upgrading Details

The latest versions of SOAtest, Virtualize, and CTP are currently available to download on the customer portal. Important note: You must update your Parasoft DTP or License Server to the 2024.1 release prior to updating SOAtest, Virtualize, or CTP installations. For more information on our functional releases or on the new DTP and License Server versions, review the release notes.