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DTP 2024.1 Product Release Announcement

JeehongMin Posts: 37 ✭✭
edited May 15 in DTP

Parasoft is pleased to announce the release of DTP 2024.1. This update is available at no cost to customers on an active subscription or maintenance contract.


  1. License Server Administration
  • You can add a descriptive tag to a license, making it easier to identify and differentiate one license from another.
  1. Violations Explorer - Recommendations
  • The Prioritization tab has been updated to better support common use cases.
  • A Recommendations section has been added to the Prioritization tab to assist developers in assessing, triaging, and prioritizing violations.
  • Recommendations includes a new feature called the CVE Match which assists developers in assessing whether the violation may contain a security vulnerability.
  1. Violations and Test Explorer - Linked Issues
  • Improvements to the Violation and Test Explorers allow you to:
    • Streamline the creation of tasks/bugs/work items in 3rd party external systems such as Jira or Azure DevOps based on violations or test failures.
    • Take advantage of bi-directional links to/from DTP to/from external systems.
    • Un-link tasks/bugs/work items from DTP violations or test failures.
  1. Web Accessibility Issues (WCAG) widget and drilldown report
  • SOAtest users can now use the new Web Accessibility Issues widget view web accessibility issues grouped by violation impact.
  • The widget includes a drill-down report that allows you to filter the issues by web accessibility guideline categories.
  1. Enhanced support for automation user in CI/CD workflows
  • Added granular permissions required by automation user:

    • createProject - enables the user to create a new project
    • uploadReport - enables the user to upload reports to Data Collector
    • deleteBuild - enables the user to delete builds
  • Made public an API for deleting a build that supports concurrent deletion of builds.

  • Made public an API for creating run configurations.
  1. Coverage Widgets and Explorer
  • Added support for showing runtime coverage data for Application Coverage workflows.
  • Runtime coverage data is differentiated from other coverage data in widgets and the Coverage Explorer.

Other Notes:

  • Machine Learning features no longer require the Machine Learning license feature. The features are now available to team leaders and team members of a project with the appropriate permissions.
  • External System integrations no longer require the external systems license feature.
  • User-Locked licenses have been renamed to Named-User licenses to match the EULA.
  • Usernames are now logged when bad credentials are used to login.
  • Added support for Oracle 23c.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL 16.
  • Added support for integration with Jama Connect 9.8.
  • Added support for additional Work Item Types when creating linked issue in Azure DevOps.

Deprecated or No Longer Supported:

  • Oracle 12c is no longer supported.
  • Java API for creating custom processors is no longer supported.
  • Integration with VersionOne is no longer supported.