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LDAP support (Non AD)

PatrickM Posts: 2

I'm struggling to get DTP hooked up to our LDAP server (Authentik).

It connects but just hangs infinitely when querying users. Sometimes it times out throwing some useless Java stacktraces, the behaviour seems inconsistent.

I'm curious did anyone manage to use Parasoft DTP (or any of their products really) with a pure LDAP server (not in a Microsoft Active Directory environment)? I'm starting to think it's never been tested and/or supported...



  • JeehongMin
    JeehongMin Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Yes, we have integrated DTP with many different LDAP servers, e.g., OpenLDAP, Apache directory server, Red Hat Directory Server, and many other flavors of LDAP servers.

  • PatrickM
    PatrickM Posts: 2

    Ok so i must be doing something wrong! Could you share some of the relevant config options? Eg. there's no BindDN confg option, but i use a DN in the username field and it connects. But it hangs when it tries to list the users.

  • JeehongMin
    JeehongMin Posts: 35 ✭✭

    I see that you have filed a support ticket. Our support team will be getting back to you shortly.