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Testsuite - Datasource error at 1st row

CodeBear42 Posts: 1


I am currently trying to run test cases with excel as datasource, in sum 3 rows (test cases). But the test fails at 1st row, the error log isn't helpfull. The datasource setup recognizes the input columns without any issue.
In the result report it is showing "test execution problem".

The test runs on the hardware, using Lauterbach Trace32.

At the moment there's no assertion command used. Data is read via CPPTEST_DS_GET_FLOAT() command.

The testsuite setup looks as followed:

CPPTEST_TEST_DS(TestSuite_Transmit_ToCom_NetIoMgr_test_FilterPt1F32_Util, CPPTEST_DS("DS_Filter_PT1"));

The console output:

Input data from raw: L:\sb\vsb\DP_1_816_TOH_15121357_add_filter_NetIO_PowerLoss_CAN\"PROJECTNAME_CLASSIFIED"\800_Workspaces\parasoft_workspace.cpptest\PIL\unit-data\current_tubf179707/cpptest_results.raw
Found ENQ, processing file...
Error reading input data. Log file truncated at offset 422. Missing STX or EOT.

Reading test log...

Test suite begin: TestSuite_Transmit_ToCom_NetIoMgr

Data source test case begin: TestSuite_Transmit_ToCom_NetIoMgr_test_FilterPt1F32_Util

Test case begin: TestSuite_Transmit_ToCom_NetIoMgr_test_FilterPt1F32_Util
Data source row: 1
Status: FAILED

Test case end: TestSuite_Transmit_ToCom_NetIoMgr_test_FilterPt1F32_Util

Data source test case end: TestSuite_Transmit_ToCom_NetIoMgr_test_FilterPt1F32_Util

Test suite end: TestSuite_Transmit_ToCom_NetIoMgr

Anyone faced the same issue?