Querstion on Insure++ suppression

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When testing his application I get lots of errors reported from libXt.so library (one of X Window System graphical libraries, I'm on Linux). There are so many of these messages that I have hard time sifting through them to find the errors reported in my code.

Is there a way to suppress violations/errors reported by Insure++ in libXt.so library (or for any specific library for that matter).


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    Since there is a very definate naming convention used for the Xt functions you can add a .psrc file option like

    insure++.suppress all { * Xt* * }

    that will work to suppress any runtime error message from the Xt* methods. This would strictly suppress the runtime messages though and would not suppress them from the leak summary to suppress them from the leak summary you would want to use an option like

    insure++.leaksummaryfilter -! * Xt* *
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