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How to call 1 of the SOAP Request Parameter in Groovy Script

Teja Posts: 10

Hi Team,

I am trying to perform the Custom Assertion by using below code with Extension tool by keeping it as a separate Teststep

import com.parasoft.api.*;
public class Comparison
//Compares a value from a database data source to a value returned in a SOAP response
public boolean compareToDatabase(Object input, ScriptingContext context) throws
//Gets values from database data source named "Books"
String value = context.getValue("Books", "Book");
//Prints database data source values along with SOAP response values in a message to the console
Application.showMessage("Value from database is " + value + ".\nValue from SOAP response is " + input.toString() + ".");

//Verifies that the SOAP response value contains the database data source value
return input.toString().contains(value);

In the above code its Taking the Datasource successfully but i am not able to call the 1 of the SOAP Request Parameter Stored in XML Databank to validate it against the DB data