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C/C++test 2023.2 Product Release Announcement


We are excited to announce the launch of C/C++test 2023.2, featuring an array of new functionalities and improvements. Notably, our latest release incorporates complete support for MISRA C++ 2023, the cutting-edge coding standard in C++ designed to address safety and security concerns. Industries prioritizing safety, security, and reliability in their applications turn to us as the go-to authority for expert knowledge and proficiency in software test verification and validation. 

C/C++test 2023.2 not only enhances user productivity but also reduces costs and accelerates time to market. Some of the key enhancements include the integration of the latest EDG parser, facilitating a seamless workflow in static analysis and code coverage with modern versions of C++. Additionally, users can benefit from several integration and usability updates: 

  • Code coverage now extends to "constexpr" functions and methods. 
  • The stubbing framework for templates has been significantly improved. 
  • An enhanced VS Code extension enhances the overall development experience. 
  • Improved support for suppressing static analysis violations. 
  • Expanded compiler compatibility list, now including: 
    ~ GNU GCC for x86 12 
    ~ GNU GCC for ARM 9, 12 
    ~ Wind River Clang for ARM 9 

For more information see the release notes: