How can I use a parameter from the SOAP response

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as a parameter in a SOAP request?

For example, Test 1 logs in to a service with a UserId and receives a sessionId. You can configure Test 2 to use the sessionId to perform transactions. To configure these tests:

    1. Clear the Deserialize Response checkbox in the SOAP Client panel of Test 1.
    2. Right-click the Test 1 node from the test suite tree and select Add Output> XML Response> New Output> XML Data Bank. A XML Response> XML Data Bank node displays.
    3. Click the Run Tests button in the toolbar to initialize the XML Data Bank and to verify the expected response.
    4. Click the XML Response> XML Data Bank node. The Expected XML text area now contains the XML response.
    5. Select the desired parameter(s) from the Available XPaths drop-down menu. Add and Remove desired parameters as needed.
    6. Select the Test 2 node and choose
      The selected parameters from step 5 are now available to be used as Parameterized values, i.e., select Parameterized instead of Fixed when using Form Input or Form XML settings for the SOAP Envelope.
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