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Changing compiler options in settings

I'm trying to use cpptestcli for Unit Testing and I need to add the -DCPPTEST_THREADS=1 option during compilation.
The documentation only describes how to add this option inside the IDE and for a single project, but by exporting its build settings and by locating the property to modify I managed to use it on the CLI by passing a -settings file with the following content:

/myProject//com.parasoft.xtest.checkers.api.cpp.options.compiler.options.linux.x86=${cpptest\:original_options} -DPARASOFT_CPPTEST -DCPPTEST_THREADS\=1

This works fine for "myProject" since it's what it's explicitly set, so I was wondering if there was a way to make it project agnostic.
I've tried removing /myProject// but that doesn't seem to work.