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Cannot connect to license server error

kumpa Posts: 1
edited August 17 in C/C++test


I have the setup, where I'm connected to the RedHat server from my Windows machine through the Visual Code. I am using the OIDC authentication to connect to the parasoft license server. When I run the parasoft docker image from the RedHat server, the license is obtained from my employers server, but when I run the parasoft from our project in the project container from the RedHat server, it says the OIDC access token was obtained, but the license server was unreachable.

OIDC: Access token obtained for user '<my user>' from
ERROR: License: Main feature "C++test" status: Cannot connect to license server.

Can you give me a hint what could cause this issue? I am confused because I use the same authentication information in both cases.

Thank you.