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Unable to run jtest cli on cmd

NZJ Posts: 3

Hi all, I have an issue with trying to get jtest cli to run on cmd

I am able to get this version to be running on eclipse IDE

This is the following commands that i have attempted to run on cmd:

jtestcli.exe -localsettings -resource "ProjectA\src" -config "buildin://Recommended Rules" -data

It will show that the testing scope is missing

Further more information about the project i am testing for:
1. The project doesnt use gradle or maven
2. The project will be using ant to compile if there is a need

Parasoft version: Jtest 2023.1

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for you time

Best Answer

  • Tomasz
    Tomasz Posts: 20
    Answer ✓

    Try to use generated by the IDE.
    1) Enable TechSupport package: menu Parasoft > Preferences > Tech Support > "Enable" (check)
    2) Run static analysis on the project
    3) menu Parasoft > Preferences > Tech Support > Explore Archives - file "

    Unzip and use jtest/ as a -data input.


  • Tomasz
    Tomasz Posts: 20

    Hi NZJ

    First you can try to run the jtestcli without limiting the scope (-resource switch) - just to confirm that -data points to propert json file. Json file is automatically created by the IDE or gradle/maven plugins but you can also create it manually using options described at manual - see

    When you confirm that json is correct and jtest is processing it (shows the summary information ie. about tested files) please try to apply -resource filter. You can also verify if json contains project definition which is used in this filter.

  • NZJ
    NZJ Posts: 3

    Hi Tomasz,

    I have attempted to manually buld a json file since we do not use maven/gradle plugins

    Running the command jtestcli.exe -localsettings -config "buildin://Recommended Rules" -data build.json with a json file that has the following

    { "project.location":"<Main project folder>", "project.jsonpath":"<Main project folder/project.json>", "":"<Project name>", "project.encoding":"UTF-8", "project.sourcepath":"<Main project folder/src>", "project.sourcelevel":1.8, "project.javahome":"C:/Program Files/Java/jdk-17.0.1" }

    It will still show that the Testing scope is still empty